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When I was 17, I was ejected from a car.

I suffered 3 brain hemorrhages and a broken spine.

Everyday I have severe mood swings and I feel out of touch.

I can’t find a job in my condition.

I support my family with food stamps,

and all my clothes are old and torn.

Doctors keep blowing me off.

I feel like my whole life is


I am the 99 percent.


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Matt Gurney: If RIM accepts it isn’t cool, it can still thrive

I always had a soft spot for RIM, and was an early non-corporate adopter. My first Berry was great. I could type emails easily, browse the web, play music – a vast improvement over my accidentally drowned Razor

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As promised, here’s the Avengers parody (namely of this promo image of the movie) I’d been working on. Those are some strong male characters. Am I right, ladies?

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How to draw a horse by Van Oktop.

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